Elizabeth Eyre Iavorschi-Braun was born on December 13th, 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the proud mother of two amazing sons, Morgan and Brendan Braun. She spent most of her years between the US and Canada. In 2008 she moved to Europe where she met her husband, Alex. They got married in 2012. Liz was passionate about equestrian sports. She did a few horse jumping competitions when she was younger. Her love for horses lasted throughout the years. She loved life and she always admired the sea and the ocean. After she relocated to Europe, on the coast of the Black Sea, she worked as a cross-cultural trainer and English teacher. She started writing when she was young, mostly short writings. Her biggest project was the Seven Years Gone book series, which she started in 2016. It was about to be finished in 2018 but the universe had other plans for her.

After a week-long illness, on April 2nd, 2018 Liz lost the battle against an enemy that rarely looses. She was a strong character so the fight was fierce. She never gave up but the enemy was ruthless. She was a gentle soul, an extraordinary mother, a loving wife, and an amazing writer.

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