Seven Years Gone Book Series

The Seven Years Gone book series started out as a family challenge. It all began in 2016, around summertime. While having our coffee one morning, I and my wife took on a challenge: can each of us write a book? And if so, how fast could we do it? The theme was of our choosing. And so it begins. We both finished by fall. Mine was not worth mentioning. I never had her talent. Once I finished her book I said: this needs to be published. It must be published. She was skeptical at first but was easy to persuade.

Liz was fascinated by the dystopian universe. She used some of her life experiences to build the story behind the Seven Years Gone Book Series. So we started planning. The initial story was one book only. We both agreed that there is more to the book than what was written. The plot was happening too fast for readers to enjoy so we decided to turn it into a book series. This was the moment when the Seven Years Gone book series came to life.

The initial title was Seven Years Gone. The meaning of it comes from Liz`s life experience, how much she grew and changed in 7 years. Her path through life was not easy. It was a constant struggle to become the woman she was. I say “was” because she is no longer with us. Her gentle eyes are gazing at us from amongst the stars.

So we took the story and divide it into 4 books. We kept the original title, Seven Years Gone as the book series title and gave each one of the books a vibrant name.

The first one we named it Undesirable. Liz started working on it with me as a guide every once in a while. By the end of 2016, it was done. Liz did the plot, I threw a plot twist here and there and got the book cover done. It went to editing and got published on Amazon on February 15, 2017, available in ebook format as well as paperback. While reader opinions were favorable, book 2, Undefinable and book 3, Undeniable soon followed.

The final book of the series, Unbound was about to be released in 2018 and so the story would come to an end. With the book almost finished, we were getting ready to have it sent for editing when Liz`s health quickly deteriorated. For several weeks we ran between doctors, having numerous tests done, none of them being very concluding. At the end of March 2018, Liz`s body started to give up. She was put into the intensive care unit, in an induced coma. A week-long she fought as hard as she could against the infection that spread into her body. She never gave up but sadly, on April 2nd the battle was lost. She will forever be loved and missed.

Unbound, the final book of the series, never saw the light of day. It now falls on to Liz`s loving family to give it a proper end, worthy of Liz`s talent. Details of the final book launch will be made public at the right time.

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